Rosie The Firetruck

AALOS' Mascot

Rosie, The Firetruck – The original Rosie came to AALOS is 2009 from active duty in Patchogue, New York, on Long Island. Rosie was also dispatched during the 9/11 terror attacks in New York City. 3 days and 1100 miles later she was in Montgomery. Rosie was so loved as a working pumper truck in her first 6 months as our mascot that we could not bring ourselves to dismantle her for use as a parade and promotional vehicle. The answer was for Rosie to find a new home with the Tallassee, Alabama fire department. Glenn and AALOS happily donated her and she has been a working first-out firetruck ever since.

The story does not end there. A suitable replacement was found in Pittsburg, PA in 2010 when AALOS acquired Rosie’s Big Sister as a working parade and promotional firetruck. You will find Big Sister in many locations throughout the Southeast where AALOS has a presence, and in some cases where they do not. AALOS and Big Sister are fixtures in the City of Montgomery Christmas Parade and onsite at the Camellia Bowl in December each year. Big Sister can also be found in the fall each year in Auburn, Alabama for a sensational tailgate party. Do not hesitate to join us and go for a ride or just enjoy the atmosphere as AALOS brings awareness to communities everywhere of the value of prosthetics, orthotics and post mastectomy care to our patients and friends.