How Orthotics Can Improve Sports Performance

A custom orthotic is an insole-shaped device that’s specially designed to properly align both the foot and the ankle. In addition to the support they provide the feet and ankles, orthotics are also a beneficial tool for many athletes who are looking to improve their performance. Orthotics are truly versatile because they offer proper foot alignment to those who have problems with their gait–as well as other orthotic difficulties–and they are also proficient in proving athletes with the means to elevate their sports performance. Orthotics can help to absorb shock, reduce fatigue, and improve comfort, but most importantly, they can greatly reduce the risk of injury. With all of these elements combined into a custom, biomedical appliance that fits comfortably in your shoe, orthotics can greatly improve an athlete’s overall performance.

Let’s take a closer look at the different ways orthotics can improve one’s athletic performance:

Reduces fatigue: Almost all athletes find themselves having to run long distances, whether it be a tool of training or an important aspect of their desired sport. However, in running long distances, it’s only natural for an athlete to grow fatigued after a while. When fatigue sets in, a runner’s form can suffer, resulting in added stress on the joints and muscles in their feet and legs. To resolve this problem, custom orthotics can help a runner maintain their alignment throughout their entire run. With constant support and alignment throughout a running session, runners will experience less fatigue, allowing them to complete their workout with great success.

Prevents injury: No matter the sport, any athlete can be susceptible to injuries. Although we can’t prevent every injury from occurring, orthotics can greatly reduce the risk. Orthotics are beneficial in preventing injuries that occur from athletes who either overpronate or underpronate.

Alignment and mechanics: Orthotics greatly help with feet and ankles that are misaligned, which can affect one’s maximum propulsion in athletic activities. With an insert orthotic, athletes will have an easier time with their gait and stride, and they will also have the ability to maximize their propulsion. This will allow them to move their legs faster and more efficiently.

Assist athletes returning from an injury: As orthotics are beneficial for preventing injuries, they can also provide the support that an athlete needs when returning from an injury. Since these unique biomechanical devices are made to fit the contours of your feet, they provide excellent weight distribution and support during high-impact activity.

As you can see, there are many benefits that orthotics provide to athletes. Not only are they a great tool to assist those who suffer from foot and ankle alignment issues, but they also provide the support needed to participate in athletic activities.

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