Post Delivery Care


In prosthetics, orthotics and post mastectomy care products, good hygiene is required to assure success when wearing the device. Care and use hygiene will be different for each individual device.


Interfaces that are to be worn directly against the skin will require cleaning after each period of use. Devices that have an interface or thin barrier such as a sock or t-shirt might not require the same diligence after each period of wear but will still require periodic cleaning to limit buildup of bacteria that can cause rashes or unpleasant odors. Cleansing will include the device and the area of the body against which it is being worn.

Extra caution needs to be taken to assure that all soap residue is removed from the device and the skin to avoid rashes and skin breakdown

Wearing Schedule

Each device will come with its own wearing schedule. In some cases, it will include a break-in period. Your prosthetist/orthotist or mastectomy fitter will advise you on physician recommendations or requirements or your product’s specific wearing schedule.

Unusual Appearance

If you are concerned about the workmanship of your device, or structural stability such as loose connectors, call the main office and ask to speak to your practitioner.