Cosmetic Finish

Personalized Cosmetic Finishes

Cosmetic finish can mean different things to the many different people who wear a prosthesis. At AALOS, we know that people come in all shapes and sizes, and have vastly different personalities. We also know that a cosmetic finish is a personal decision. At AALOS we take that decision very seriously. Cosmetic finishes can be very natural in appearance, or can represent someone’s personality. We take pride in helping each client choose the finish that is best for them.

Natural Cosmetic Finish

A natural cosmetic finish is not uncommon especially if an amputation occurs later in life or unexpectedly. This finish is also common in instances where a sandal or open toe shoe might be worn. Cosmetic finishes or cosmetic covers can have a life-like look and feel. At AALOS, we will work with each person who desires a natural cosmetic finish to choose not only the most desirable skin tone, but what will work best for various footwear.

Customized Finish

At AALOS, we know people come with many personalities. In many cases, a prosthesis or orthosis can be an extension of one’s personality. If a prosthesis or orthosis can be seen, there are a wide variety of finishes that can express the wearer’s personality. It can also serve as a statement that an amputation does not identify the wearer as a person with a disability. Instead, the cosmetic finish on the prosthesis or orthosis lets the world know that differences should be embraced.

At AALOS, we will work with the wearer to decide how outgoing he or she wants to be! The possibilities are endless. AALOS can apply designs in-house or outsource to a number of cosmetic design companies. New technology allows for trendy, conversation-starter designs and gets the wearer noticed. However, as with any advancing technology, these new and sometimes radical designs are often at a cost beyond the typical prosthetic benefit.

At AALOS we think a prosthetic or orthotic wearer should be aware of all cosmetic finishes and decide what suits them best.

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