Post-Mastectomy Care

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in American women. In the United States, one out of nine women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. But thanks to early detection and new medical advances, today there are over two million breast cancer survivors living in this country.

At Alabama Artificial Limb & Orthopedic Service, Inc. (AALOS), we know how important your health and appearance are to your overall well-being. Therefore, we take extra steps to assist our clients with your physical and psychological recovery through an extension of our company known as “The Boutique”.

A diagnosis of breast cancer and the decision to undergo a mastectomy is a very stressful experience in a woman’s life. Our professional staff members pride themselves on their ability to make clients feel at-ease. With your physician you will decide on the most-appropriate type of mastectomy, and whether your post-mastectomy needs would be better suited by reconstructive surgery or the fitting of breast forms. We welcome any questions you might have regarding the breast forms we fit. When prosthetic breast forms are indicated, we want to be there with you from the beginning of your treatment until release.

Our Abilities

For over sixty years, the same family has owned and operated Alabama Artificial Limb & Orthopedic Service, Inc. We are committed to providing the best in personal, professional care and the most advanced products available to our clients. ”The Boutique” is fully licensed and accredited.

We provide private, comfortable consultations in an exclusively designed showroom at our main facility, as well as our Opelika location. When appropriate, our mastectomy fitters will even provide pre-surgical counseling and fitting for prosthetic breast forms that can be worn immediately following a mastectomy procedure.

Our Products

Breast forms are prostheses worn either inside a bra or attached to the body to simulate the weight, bounce, feel, movement, and shape of the natural female breast. At “The Boutique” at AALOS, we fit only high-quality breast forms that are composed of silicone gel inside a very thin, slick plastic shell. This type of silicone form closely mimics the feel, weight and movement of a natural breast.

“The Boutique” at AALOS supplies custom-fitted breast prostheses and offers a wide-range of sizes, colors, and weights. Unlike other materials, the silicone used in our breast forms warms to body temperature and feels very comfortable.

While the silicone breast forms that we carry do require a small amount of daily care to maintain their appearance, they are guaranteed for two years. Our professional fitters will demonstrate how to care for the breast form.

In addition, we offer a camisole to be worn immediately following a mastectomy. It is specially designed to hold drain pouches. It is put on by stepping into it rather than pulling it over the head and stretching and irritating the surgical site. We also offer a full line of fashionable bras, bathing suits and negligee that are specially designed to accommodate the prosthetic breasts. We hope to help you redefine the possible in your recovery and everyday life.