Our Personalized Orthotics

Orthotics is a healthcare field dedicated to the custom fitting, design, and fabrication of braces or supports for those individuals who have suffered musculoskeletal conditions caused by injury, illness, or congenital anomalies. An orthosis is a device used to correct, support or replace musculoskeletal functions lost through physical impairment. Orthoses are commonly known as braces.

At Alabama Artificial Limb & Orthopedic Service, Inc. (AALOS) we design, fabricate and fit each person with an orthosis that matches their specific needs. In providing the orthosis, we formulate its design, including the selection of materials and componentry. We make all necessary casts, measurements, model modifications, and layouts, perform fittings (including static and dynamic alignments), evaluate the orthosis on the patient, instruct the patient in its use, and consult with the patient’s physician.

AALOS specializes in orthotics for the lower limbs and feet, the upper limbs and hands, and the entire spine. We utilize new technology such as NASA-inspired lightweight composite materials and unique custom-molded plastics and are able to offer orthotics which are light, comfortable and supply the greatest degree of mobility and function.

Our Commitment to Innovation

Our staff works with the latest tools to provide a wide range of options for fitting patients with the most suitable orthotic devices. Specialized thermoplastics have improved orthotics immensely, as they are lighter and more effective than their traditional metal counterparts. Plastic designs have eliminated the maintenance problems of metal braces. Newer braces are not as bulky, so clothes fit over the devices and/or allow patients to interchange their footwear.

AALOS also utilizes the TracerCAD system for orthotics patients requiring body jackets and lower extremity orthoses, when appropriate. The TracerCAD system is the newest and most sophisticated digital technology available in the field today.

Our Professional Staff

The art and science of orthotics is constantly advancing, and the AALOS professional staff is on the forefront with new designs, materials and methods. Staff members are involved in an ongoing program of training and education to keep abreast of new developments and treatment techniques.

Our director of orthotics, Glenn Latimer, C.O., followed his father, “AL” Latimer, and has practiced orthotics for more than 40 years. He maintains an outstanding rapport with area physicians and the medical community. His personal commitment to providing continuing education to our professional staff, and his combined years of experience in orthotics ensure our patients of the highest standards in orthotic care.